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September 2013 Blog Posts (2)

When Small Businesses Introduce New Business.

Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of travelling the world and speaking to entrepeneurs about their businesses and ventures (or adventures as some of them still call it). Over that period, one busienssman stood out from the crow and that is the owner of a small print, design and marketing company based in Belfast Northern Ireland. The businessman himself writes a blog about all aspects of flyer printing, design, and marketing and has attractyed a small but loyal following of… Continue

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Practical Golf Swing Solutions - An Intro

With all the talk about the players on tour getting stronger and much more flexible, we hear a good deal about exercising for golf from television commentators and browse about it in the golf publications. But exactly what the best exercises for that amateur golfer?

A great question that features a good answer, to start with we supply you with the answer let us provide some background therefore the answer makes a little more sense to you. First of all, discussing the golf swing for your… Continue

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