We travel to change. Not a place, but ideas.


BonVoyART is a travel community for creative people.

When travelling, nothing is more useful than insider tips, especially when they come from people who share your interests and passions.

BonVoyART’s aim is to enrich the travel experience and increase cultural awareness by connecting creative people abroad, with match criteria based on chosen interests, current location or next travel destination. No accommodation or hosting need be involved, just the exchange of experiences and ideas.

Guided by the insights of a local who shares in their creative interests, members can take part in custom-made insider city tours – well and truly surpassing the typical tourist experience.

Likewise, the host ‘BonVoyArtists’ get to experience their own cities through new eyes, as well as meeting wonderful people from all around the world.

On top of this, BonVoyART plans to set up an international network of artists and designers to facilitate creative collaborations and help promote spin off events.


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